Stanley Gibbons Launch Rare Coin Index Showing 13.3% CAGR

To highlight coin market trends and provide transparency for investors, rare stamp and premium collectibles merchant, Stanley Gibbons, launch a GB200 Coin Index showing 13.3% CAGR

Rare stamp and premium collectibles merchant, Stanley Gibbons, has released a GB200 Coin Index for investors, charting the performance of a representative sample of 200 rare British coins, from the standard catalogue of British coins with data tracked back 10 years.

The Index provides a snapshot of the strength and stability of the market for rare British coins from early 1st.century Celtic coinage to mid 20th century coins from the reign of George V, ranging in price from £5000 to £225,000.

GB30 Rarities Index

“There appears to be a trend of an increasing awareness of quality – and the appreciation of such quality, coupled with the realisation of just how rare top grade coins are, is driving the market to new levels” said Stanley Gibbons Coin expert, Richard Gladdle.

The best performer in the index- a 1663 Charles II gold guinea – shows a CAGR of 27.8%, with the Index overall showing a total increase of 248.5% growth over the period, equivalent to 13.3% CAGR.

Like rare stamps, rare British coins continue on a steady upward trend with no volatility.

The data is based on published auction realisations for the last 10 years so is fully transparent and robust, making the GB200 an essential tool for investors’ due diligence.

“Whilst, of course, past success and sustainability cannot guarantee future performance, the strength and consistency of this index substantiates what we are seeing in the market and have been seeing for some time” said Stanley Gibbons Investment Director, Keith Heddle.

“Investors are diversifying their portfolios and spreading their risk. More than that, they are actively seeking out tangible alternatives to secure their wealth where there is no or little correlation with other asset classes.

Hence, the steady, increasing popularity of rare stamps and rare coins whose consistency and stability can help anchor a diversified portfolio.”

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