Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogues Guide

Edward Stanley Gibbons published his first catalogue and price list in 1865 and the company is proud of the range of titles we now produce. Stanley Gibbons catalogues are held in high regard by collectors and are valuable resources for those trying to identify and value stamps.

Each Stanley Gibbons catalogue contains:

  • Stamp Listings - arranged chronologically with colour illustrations and issue dates.
  • SG numbers - assigned for simple identification purposes with helpful notes and information.
  • Values - provided in £ GBP for used and unused examples.
  • View sample pages from our award-winning stamp catalogues 
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A sample page from our Stamps of the World Catalogue

Stanley Gibbons catalogues vary in terms of the level of detail provided and there are three distinct levels; Simplified, Comprehensive & Specialised.

Simplified catalogues such as
Stamps of the World and Collect British Stamps contain basic stamp listings and act as quick reference guides.

Comprehensive catalogues offer more detail such as watermark variations, errors, plate flaws, paper and print methods and perforation varieties. Our range of Commonwealth One Country and Foreign catalogues are all comprehensive.

Unique to Great Britain is our range of Specialised catalogues. These publications are our most detailed catalogues and provide notes on production techniques, trial stamps and varieties as well as more in-depth information for each issue.

Our range of Stamp Catalogues