Stamp Albums Guide

We stock a large range of albums to help meet the diverse needs of collectors. Some albums are plain whilst others are country-specific with specially designed covers and pages. There are three main mechanisms:


Pegfitting Stamp Albums

These albums offer an incredibly versatile home for your collection, with the 2 pegs holding the leaves in place. Simply pull the lever to release the pegs and insert or extract the pages as required.

Springback Stamp Albums

These albums feature a sturdy spring that closes shut and holds the contents of the albums in place. To remove the contents simply pull the album left and right to open it slightly.

Ringfitting Stamp Albums

These albums allow quick, easy insertion and removal of pages and sheets. Available in 4 or 22 ring options.

Because most collectors tend to collect specific countries or regions, we stock various albums that are designed to house the stamps of particular countries. These
One Country albums contain pages with spaces for each stamp issued by that country along with information regarding each stamp.

These albums are also available in
hingeless format, meaning that the pages contain plastic mounts in place for every stamp:

In addition to stamp albums we also sell albums designed to house
first day covers and postcards. These are plain ring binders containing plastic leaves that allow for easy insertion and removal of covers or postcards.

Stamp Album Supplements

Published annually, supplements help keep your country-specific album up to date and contain pages for the latest issues. As with our country albums these supplements are also available with mounts already in place on each page (hingeless).

Stamp Stockbooks

Stockbooks are a convenient alternative to albums and allow collectors to simply ‘slot’ their stamps in to books which contain several horizontal plastic strips per page. Typically consisting of hard covers, black or white pages and available in a range of colours and sizes, stockbooks are ideal for storing duplicates or transporting stamps.

Stamp Stock Systems

Another convenient way to store stamps, stock systems consist of black sheets with clear horizontal plastic strips in which to insert stamps. The sheets are punched with seven holes meaning they fit into 3 or 4 ring binders for easy insertion and movement. Single and double-sided sheets are available with between 1 and 8 strips per side.


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