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Exciting news for GSM Online

In February we will be launching a brand new and updated version of GSM Online.

You will automatically be redirected to the new site once it is live, and instructions on how to access the full functionality of the new and improved website will be provided.

We are sure you will like the improvements made.

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Stock code: RPB5316C | SG number: 0011
Clearfront Polybag 8" x 5" (per 100).

PLAIN POLYBAG 10" X 7" (PER 100)

Stock code: RPB5314C | SG number: 0011
Clearfront Polybag 10" x 7" (per 100).

PLAIN POLYBAG 16" X 12" (PER 100)

Stock code: RPB5319C | SG number: 0011
Clearfront Polybag 16" x 12" (per 100).


Stock code: R2548-10 | SG number: 0011
A lightweight manilla booklet containing 10 white blank leaves. Size 8" x 5" with specially printed cover for use as a Club Book includes spaces for name of club, value, details of each recipients purchases etc. (per 10).


Stock code: R2548-100 | SG number: 0011
A lightweight manilla booklet containing 10 white blank leaves. Size 8" x 5" with specially printed cover for use as a Club Book includes spaces for name of club, value, details of each recipients purchases etc. (per 100).


Stock code: R2573 | SG number: 0AAAG
Ideal for detecting phosphor papers and inks for the majority of 20th century Machin stamps of Great Britain, plus Israel, USA, Finland and the early phosphors of Canada, Norway, Mexico, France, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, Russia and later issues of Canada and Mexico.

  • Shows fluorescent bands, papers abd the other devices

  • Highlights cleaned pen cancellations and paper repairs

  • Powerful bulb gives much stronger reaction than other lamps

  • Effective in daylight/artificial light using special eye-piece

  • Safe to use due to shielded UV light

  • Spectrum of 254 to 390 nm both 'short' and 'long' wavelengths

  • Lightweight pocket-size - ideal for fairs and exhibitions

  • Long-life bulb will give 50,000 hours of use under normal viewing conditions

  • "I have to admit that I’m not always too keen on what they like to call ‘embracing new technology’ ...However, now and again something comes along that I feel I just have to have" - Hugh Jefferies, Stanley Gibbons Catalogue Editor.

    The presence or absence of phosphor can be a significant feature in assessing the value of a stamp, so having a lamp of your own and knowing how to use it can be a valuable asset in building up a good collection.

    There are a number of lamps on the market, but, to be honest, none that we would be prepared to put the Stanley Gibbons name on – so we set about developing one ourselves. To do that we looked at what was wrong with all the others and tried to right those wrongs.

    "Terrific...I was able to find the phosphor number of FH14 which I had not found with a standard mains UV lamp. The new SG UV lamp has paid for itself in finding one booklet alone catalogued more than the purchase cost in going through booklets that I had catalogued as p-. Together with the Pro10 I was able to record the phosphor, something I have been unable to do before." - Graham Stirling, very happy customer.

    Some lamps may be cheap but they are potentially damaging to the eyes if looked at for a prolonged period – added to which an exposed bulb was susceptible to damage and could require regular replacement.

    Other lamps required mains electricity, which was not handy for use away from home and, above all, many had a tricky on-off switch which made them difficult to use. Of course the main problem with most ultraviolet lamps is that they are fine for night-time use, but pretty useless in daylight – which means you cannot use them effectively at stamp fairs, club meetings or shops.


    Stock code: W907 | SG number: AC02
    Showgard 150mm bent spade tweezers


    Stock code: W906 | SG number: AC02
    Showgard 120mm bent spade tweezers


    Stock code: W904 | SG number: AC02
    Showgard 150mm round tweezers


    Stock code: W903 | SG number: AC02
    Showgard 120mm spade tweezers


    Stock code: W902 | SG number: AC02
    Showgard 150mm finepoint tweezers


    Stock code: W905 | SG number: AC02
    Showgard 120mm round tweezers


    Stock code: RUM05 | SG number: AC99
    The Stanley Gibbons UM05 USB Digital Autofocus Microscope is the first USB microscope we have sold that allows you to capture an image of the whole stamp with ease and is ideal as a quick and simple alternative to scanning.

    "This has to be one of the best tools I have ever purchased for my business. Since buying this my sales have gone through the roof as a result of stunning grade photos" - Dave Allwright, 'Stamps n All'.

    Whether you are creating your own album pages, sharing images of your collection with fellow philatelists, producing an image library for insurance or valuations or want to see your collection in greater detail, this microscope makes the process easier than ever.

    The autofocus option allows you to automatically zoom with a magnification ratio of 1-80x, allowing you see any object at 320x on a 22” monitor. This feature removes the hassle of trying to focus in on fine details such as errors, plate numbers and flaws. Once the operating software is loaded on your computer, simply plug in the UM05 and, with one click of the focus button on-screen, you will quickly receive the clearest images automatically.

    You can also take photos, record videos and adjust the brightness of the microscope’s 4 inbuilt LEDs from your computer, allowing you set the microscope up on its stand and take multiple images without having to reposition anything. The stand also makes it easier than ever to capture the entire stamp in full detail.

    The software provided also has features handy tools, including a useful measurement function to gauge the length, angle and area of anything you place under it.

    Contents: Microscope with USB Cable, Software CD, Operation Manual, Stand for Microscope, Calibrator for Measurement Application.
    Dimensions: 110 x 38.8 x 47.2mm.
    Weight: 90g.
    Lens & CMOS sensor: 2M pixels;
    Magnification: 1x to 80X, 320x on 22” monitor.
    Still Image Resolution: 1600x1200 pixels (JPEG or BMP file);
    Video Resolution: 1600x1200 pixels (AVI file);
    Frame rate: 30FPS (resolution: 640x480) and 15FPS (resolution: 1600x1200, MJPG).
    Software Compatibility: Microsoft Windows XP 32bit SP2, Microsoft Windows XP 64bit, Microsoft Windows
    Vista 32bit, Microsoft Windows Vista 64bit, Windows 7 and Linux with UVC driver (open source).


    Stock code: RLC8035 | SG number: AC99
    A compact folding task lamp ideally suited to stamp collecting.

    For better examination of stamps on gloomy winter days, Daylight lamp allows accurate assesment of colour variation.

    ? 1 x 13 watt energy saving tube.
    ? Shadow free light with low heat emission.
    ? Lamp switches on when unfolded.
    ? Includes inbuilt handle for porability.
    ? Cable length 1.5m.


    Stock code: L346680 | SG number: SA17
    With it's built-in 3.5" screen, this digital microscope is easy to use and doesn't have to be plugged into a PC or laptop. Superb image sharpness thanks to a 5 megapixel camera, 8 LED's and adjustable focussing. Up to 500x magnification thanks to it's 4x digital zoom. Photos and videos can be saved and viewed on a PC or TV. Li-ion battery for portable use. The software, featuring a calibration function for exact measurement of enlarged objects, is quick and easy to install. Ideal for a whole host of uses. whether for study, school or leisure, and enables detailed observation of stamps, coins, banknotes, minerals and more. Suitable for all current computers.
    Overall size: 105 x 250 x 150mm (4¼ x 9 x 6").

    Technical Specifications:
    3.5" LCD colour screen. 5 megapixel active pixcel sensor (CMOS sensor). Focal length: 10-30cm. 10-500x magnification. Built-in 4x digital zoom. Resolution image.: 12M, 8M, 5M, 3M, 1.3M (JPG)/ Video: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA) Light: 8 white LED's, USB 2.0 connection. Sofware: (languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Chinese): Windows XP/ Vista/Win7/Mac OS 10.6 or later (measuring software only works with Windows). Operating Instructions: English, German, French. Power supply: wall plug transformer, 3.7V Li-ion battery. Delivery includes: LCD Digital Microscope, Li-ion battery, adapter, USB cable, TV cable, CD with software and operating instructions, 4 GB microSD card, cleaning cloth. (Please note it may take up to 28 days for delivery of this item. If you have any queries, please contact us on +44 1425 472363).


    Stock code: L338926 | SG number: SA17
    This handy digital microscope with 7-108x magnification has a variety of uses and features a brilliant high-resolution lens for identifying the smallest details. Perfect for hobbies, school and work. The integrated LCD colour display delivers sharp, high-resolution detail. 4 white LED's allow you to examine objects even in poor light conditions. Image files can easily be transferred to your PC or tablet via the USB port. Use the built-in camera function to capture and save your best images. (Please note it may take up to 28 days for delivery of this item. If you have any queries, please contact us on +44 1425 472363).