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Stock code: R2573 | SG number: 0AAAG
Ideal for detecting phosphor papers and inks for the majority of 20th century Machin stamps of Great Britain, plus Israel, USA, Finland and the early phosphors of Canada, Norway, Mexico, France, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, Russia and later issues of Canada and Mexico.

  • Shows fluorescent bands, papers abd the other devices

  • Highlights cleaned pen cancellations and paper repairs

  • Powerful bulb gives much stronger reaction than other lamps

  • Effective in daylight/artificial light using special eye-piece

  • Safe to use due to shielded UV light

  • Spectrum of 254 to 390 nm both 'short' and 'long' wavelengths

  • Lightweight pocket-size - ideal for fairs and exhibitions

  • Long-life bulb will give 50,000 hours of use under normal viewing conditions

  • "I have to admit that I’m not always too keen on what they like to call ‘embracing new technology’ ...However, now and again something comes along that I feel I just have to have" - Hugh Jefferies, Stanley Gibbons Catalogue Editor.

    The presence or absence of phosphor can be a significant feature in assessing the value of a stamp, so having a lamp of your own and knowing how to use it can be a valuable asset in building up a good collection.

    There are a number of lamps on the market, but, to be honest, none that we would be prepared to put the Stanley Gibbons name on – so we set about developing one ourselves. To do that we looked at what was wrong with all the others and tried to right those wrongs.

    "Terrific...I was able to find the phosphor number of FH14 which I had not found with a standard mains UV lamp. The new SG UV lamp has paid for itself in finding one booklet alone catalogued more than the purchase cost in going through booklets that I had catalogued as p-. Together with the Pro10 I was able to record the phosphor, something I have been unable to do before." - Graham Stirling, very happy customer.

    Some lamps may be cheap but they are potentially damaging to the eyes if looked at for a prolonged period – added to which an exposed bulb was susceptible to damage and could require regular replacement.

    Other lamps required mains electricity, which was not handy for use away from home and, above all, many had a tricky on-off switch which made them difficult to use. Of course the main problem with most ultraviolet lamps is that they are fine for night-time use, but pretty useless in daylight – which means you cannot use them effectively at stamp fairs, club meetings or shops.


    Stock code: R2887-13 | SG number: AA0048
    Now stitched with lay-flat binding, making it far easier to use than previous editions

    This ever-popular Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Catalogue provides the perfect catalogue for the collector seeking more detailed information on Great Britain stamps than provided by the Collect British Stamps checklist, without the highly detailed coverage of the five-volume specialised series.

    The 2013 edition has been extensively updated with all prices reviewed and revised in line with the current market, with increases in all periods from the 1840 2d. blue right through to recent Machins, there are notable increases for the listed plate flaws and modern errors.

  • Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Stamp Catalogue lists and prices all British stamps from 1840 to early 2013.

  • Every different stamp design is illustrated in full colour.

  • Listings include changes of watermark, perforation, shade and phosphor.

  • First day covers, Royal Mail postage labels, Post Office (PHQ) Cards, presentation packs, booklets, postage dues, regionals, official stamps, postal fiscals and Post Office label sheets (Smilers) all listed and priced.

  • Includes gutter pair prices.

  • Gutter Pairs and “Traffic light” Gutter Pairs listed in mint sets.

  • First Day Covers for Special Issues from 1924 and for King Edward VIII and King George VI definitives listed.

  • Prestige Booklet panes and Regionals included for Queen Elizabeth II.

  • All British Post Office special First Day of Issue postmarks are illustrated and priced on cover.

  • Quick reference diagrams for listed Machin decimal booklet panes.

  • Visible plate numbers listed for Victorian stamps.

  • All basic stamps priced mint and used, with unmounted and mounted mint prices from 1887 to 1935 and on-cover prices from 1840 to 1911.

  • Major errors and varieties including missing colours and perforation and watermark errors listed and priced.

  • Helpful introductory section providing philatelic definitions and guidance for the collector.

  • Booklet pane diagrams and indexes of commemorative designs and Machin definitives make this catalogue the perfect guide to British stamps and their values.

  • Includes a Commemorative Design Index.

  • Useful table of postage rates contemporary with NVIs.

  • Inverted and sideways watermarks are listed and priced, as well as First Day Covers, presentation packs, FRAMAS, PHQ cards, ‘Smiler’ sheets, errors – and a host of other details.

  • Includes simplified listings of specimen overprints.

  • Includes the popular Post Office Label Sheets.

  • Includes Post Office Yearbooks and Year Packs.

  • Helpful introductory section providing definitions and guidance for the collector and including all watermark illustrations shown together to assist identification.

  • Recently discovered errors and new items now listed.

  • Post & Go stamps fully listed.


    Stock code: R5285LX12 | SG number: DA0100097
    Great Britain 2012 luxury supplement.
    2012 Hingeless (with plastic mounts already attached to page) Album Supplement. Number of pages: 20. For use with Davo Albums.


    Stock code: R5519-12 | SG number: SA10
    Great Britain 2012 One country supplement.
    Update your album to include all 2012 issues and keep it as current as possible. For use with Stanley Gibbons maroon 4-ring binders.


    Stock code: R5239MAR | SG number: SA10
    House all of your Great Britain 2012 Olympic Stamp Sheets, including the Gold Medal Winners sheets, in our plain maroon 4-ring binder.

    The Olympic sheets issued by Royal Mail are larger than normal and so we have produced this album especially to enable collectors to store and present them safely. The album comes with 10 single pocket stamp sheet leaves measuring 315 x 250mm. Please note 3 pocket Cosmic leaves are available seperately to house the sets of miniature sheets which have also been issued by the Royal Mail for each Gold Medal winner. (Item no: RCOS003).

    Please note: stamp sheet shown in image not included.