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Welcome to a Collector’s Paradise…


Stanley Gibbons’ world famous stamp shop at 399 Strand, London is a collector's paradise, selling everything you could need – catalogues, albums, accessories, specialist reference books, the latest in archival storage and more.

And that’s before we mention our unrivalled stock holding of more than 3,000,000 stamps… You can choose from mixed packets and kiloware to rare investment grade items worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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Looking for a reason to visit London?

We can give you 3 million…

At 399 Strand – Stanley Gibbons’ flagship stamp shop – you can choose from over 3 million stamps, from mixed packets and kiloware to rare investment grade items worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In fact, you can find pretty much everything you could ever need…

Specialist stamps

Get complete peace of mind on all your purchases by viewing stamps before you buy. Andrew Mansi is on hand to give you advice on specialist stamps from Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

New issues

It’s not all about £16,000 Prussian Blues. We’re delighted to offer you a complete range of “normal stuff” with our over the counter new issue service managed by Mark Pegg who will give you an unrivalled personal service.

It may surprise you, but you will find new issues from a range of countries at 399, including Great Britain, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Australia, AAT, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Falklands, South Georgia, BAT, Ross Dependencies, China and Israel.

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Albums and Accessories

399 Strand is the only place where you can buy all your albums and accessories over the counter and try them before you buy. Stephen Bowyer will advise you on the accessories that are right for you and if we haven’t got what you need in stock, we’ll mail it to you free of charge.

Try an accessory with your own stamps

Not sure if a watermark detector, UV lamp or microscope would be money well spent for your collection? Pop in with some of your own stamps and try any accessory you’d like and see what you’re missing.

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The best over-the-counter selection albums available

Whether you use Frank Godden, Stanley Gibbons, Lighthouse, DAVO or other albums, chances are that we have what you’re looking for at 399 and if we don’t, we’ll get it for you and post it to you free of charge.

Or if you’re just starting out and are not sure what album to go for, we can advise you and let you sift through the albums until you find the one that suits your needs or just feels right.

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Whether you collect Great Britain stamps, Commonwealth stamps or if you focus on a specific country or theme, you will find the stamp catalogue you need at 399 Strand.

For Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogues you can choose from specialised catalogues, comprehensive catalogues, straightforward catalogues and simplified catalogues. So whether you want a single country checklist or a complete encyclopaedia of stamps from around the world, you’ll find it in the shop.

But it’s not just Stanley Gibbons catalogues. You will find catalogues from all over the world from countless different publishers and, just like with albums and accessories, you can try before you buy. Flick through any catalogue and make sure it’s the right one for you.

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