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GSM Complete July 2017
The complete editorial content of the July 2017 issue.
Contents July 2017 July 2017
Contents to Volume 48, Number 2
Newsdesk July 2017
The latest philatelic news from around the world.
Society News July 2017
More reports from the nation's Philatelic Societies.
Diary Dates July 2017
Forthcoming fairs and auctions.
Around the Houses July 2017
News of recent auction results.
New Collector July 2017
John Holman continues his look at the early George VI definitives of the Empire with the issues from western and southern Africa. Also, as we reach the 20th anniversary of the changeover to Chinese rule in Hong Kong, John looks at the 'changing face' of its Queen Elizabeth II issues.
GB News July 2017
Royal Mail's new Windmills and Watermills issue plus the new colourful Machin head Post & Go stamps.
Provisional Perf. 16' - An Unexplained Mystery July 2017
Ray Simpson explains why the reappearance of the obsolete gauge 16 perforation on 1d. and 2d. stamps in 1857-58 is now the subject of much study and debate.
Machin Watch July 2017
John Deering dissects the Machin 50th anniversary p.s.b. and reveals several rare Post & Go items from the recent Scottish Congress in Perth.
Specimen Overprints on the First Low Value Surface-printed Postage Stamps of Great Britain July 2017
Robert Galland continues the story of Britain's first low value surface-printed postage stamps by describing the examples overprinted 'Specimen' or 'Cancelled'.
GB Specialised Supplement July 2017
The latest supplement to the GB Specialised Catalogue.
North Borneo: From Company to Colony July 2017
From 1865 North Borneo was administered by the British North Borneo Company, but in 1946, after the difficulties of World War II, the territory became a Crown Colony. Peter Cockburn explores this philatelically-rich era.
The British American Bank Note Company in the 19th Century July 2017
As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, John Hillson looks at the security printers who were charged with printing the country's stamps for the first 30 years of its history.
The Plymouth to Bristol (Foreign Mails) TPO July 2017
From 1869 foreign mail from packet ships was sorted by rail from Plymouth to Bristol. Keith Morris describes the introduction of the service and the various postmarks that it employed.
Stitching The British Empire Together By Air: Part 3 July 2017
In his final article on the pioneering flights across the Empire, Pradip Jain highlights the establishment of regular airmail routes, in particular to the Middle East and India.
Falkland Islands: The 1891 Provisional Issue July 2017
With no stamps available to facilitate the new Empire rate introduced on 1 January 1891, the Falkland Islands were forced to bisect its 1d. definitive. Michael Roberts talks us through this emergency provisional issue.
Japanese Steam Engines Part 2: Tender Engines July 2017
Having already looked at the Japanese steam tank engines as shown on stamps, Nicholas Pertwee now turns his attention to country's impressive tender engines.
2016 Foreign Postal Stationery July 2017
Geir Sor-Reime continues his alphabetical listing of foreign issues from 2016 by covering Germany to Poland.
Bookshelf July 2017
Reviews of the latest philatelic publications.
Japanese Steam Engines Part 2: Tender Engines July 2017
Having already looked at the Japanese steam tank engines as shown on stamps, Nicholas Pertwee now turns his attention to country's impressive tender engines.
Mercury Through the Ages July 2017
Combining his two passions of philately and geology, Joseph Charrach takes us on a thematic tour of mankind's fascination with elemental mercury.
Stamp News in Brief July 2017
A summary of recent and forthcoming issues.
Shore to Shore July 2017
New issues from the Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey.
Competition July 2017
Another chance to win a £50 Stanley Gibbons voucher.
Panorama July 2017
Alison Boyd investigates the stories behind some of the latest stamp issues from around the world.
The Unissued Stamps of King George V July 2017
More faux philatelic fun from the Hedley Adams Mobbs collection.
Catalogue Column July 2017
Hugh Jefferies offers his thoughts from the Catalogue Editor's chair.
Catalogue Supplement July 2017
Your 13-page update to the Stanley Gibbons Catalogue.


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