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GSM Complete September 2017
The complete editorial content of the September 2017 issue
Contents September 2017 September 2017
Contents to Volume 48, Number 4
Newsdesk September 2017
Your regular round-up of the latest philatelic news from around the world.
Autumn Stampex September 2017
All you need to know about the latest Stampex exhibition.
Society News September 2017
More reports from the nation's Philatelic Societies.
Diary Dates September 2017
Forthcoming fairs and auctions.
Around the Houses September 2017
News of recent auction results.
GB News September 2017
Royal Mail celebrates the classic toys of yesteryear with a new ten-stamp issue.
The Wilding Castles Inverted Watermarks of Great Britain September 2017
The various examples of inverted watermarks from the iconic Wilding Castle High Values are discussed by GB specialist Peter Shaw.
Postal Fraud in the Modern Era September 2017
Edward Klempa provides a guide to the numerous types of modern-day Machin fakes.
Machin Watch September 2017
In his latest Machin column, John Deering reviews the latest batch of M17L releases and shows us how they compare to previously issued stamps.
GB Specialised Supplement September 2017
The latest supplement to the GB Specialised Catalogue.
King George VI: Fakes and Forgeries September 2017
Specialist King George VI dealer Dickon Pollard offers advice on how to avoid the pitfalls associated with the philatelic fakes and forgeries from the reign of King George VI.
Bookshelf September 2017
Reviews of the latest philatelic publications.
The Canadian Admirals 1911-29 September 2017
The Canadian Admiral issue, depicting King George V in the uniform of the Admiral of the Fleet, made its appearance in late 1911. John Hillson discusses the development and evolution of this popular issue.
The Comoro Islands: Part 1 September 2017
In the first of a two-part article, Michael Round investigates what the little-known Comoro Islands offer the collector.
Postal Stationery Matters September 2017
In his latest round-up, Peter van Gelder looks at the 'kepi' cards of Belgium, some commemorative envelopes that are not for posting and some pictorial stationery from Argentina.
The Pemberton Story: A Family Philatelic Affair September 2017
With Michael Peach as our guide, we discover just how much philately owes to the once well-known Pemberton family.
Stamp Hunting September 2017
Nimrod highlights some desirable stamps to look out for.
Saint Lucia: The Provisional Overprints of 1891 and 1892 September 2017
When Saint Lucia found itself dangerously short of 1d. and ½d. stamps following a reduction in postal rates, existing stamps were overprinted locally. Alister Kinnon talks us through this provisional issue.
British Colonial and Protectorate Stamps Part 6: Montserrat September 2017
In his series charting the development of British Colonial and Protectorate stamps up to the early Elizabethan era, Noel Davenhill turns his attention to the issues of Montserrat.
Karl Bickel Junior: Like Father, Like Son September 2017
Karl Bickel was one of Switzerland's most prolific stamp designers and engravers. Here, Adrian Keppel pays tribute to his equally talented son, Karl Bickel Junior.
Competition September 2017
Another chance to win a £50 Stanley Gibbons voucher.
The Monarchies of Malaya through their Stamps: A Collector's View September 2017
From 1891, the eight states of Malaya issued stamps depicting their own rulers. Dominic Morris provides a guide to the stamps depicting the sultans of each state.
Stamp News in Brief September 2017
A summary of recent and forthcoming issues.
Panorama September 2017
Alison Boyd investigates the stories behind some of the latest stamp issues from around the world.
Shore to Shore September 2017
Discover the latest stamp issues from Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.
Catalogue Column September 2017
Hugh Jefferies offers his thoughts from the Catalogue Editor's chair.
The Unissued Stamps of Costa Rica September 2017
More faux fun from the Hedley Adams Mobbs collection.
Catalogue Supplement September 2017
Your 11-page update to the Stanley Gibbons Catalogue.


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