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GSM Complete February 2016
The complete editorial content of the February 2016 issue
Contents February 2016 February 2016
Contents to Volume 46, Number 9
Newsdesk February 2016
Catch up with all the latest news from the philatelic world.
60 Years of Stampex February 2016
As Stampex reaches its diamond anniversary, GSM looks back at its history and development.
Society News February 2016
More reports from the nation's Philatelic Societies.
Diary Dates February 2016
Forthcoming fairs and auctions.
Around the Houses February 2016
News of recent auction results.
New Collector February 2016
John Holman concludes his survey of the career of stamp designer Jennifer Toombs and records Britons featured on recent overseas stamps.
GB News February 2016
Royal Mail celebrates its 500th anniversary in style.
The 'Half-crown' Letter Scheme of World War I February 2016
During World War I a special posting box was set up at the censors' chief London office in order to fast-track mail to foreign destinations. Graham Mark examines its operation.
Illustrated Stationery used by British Victorian Stamp Dealers February 2016
In the Victorian period, only four stamp dealers produced illustrated envelopes for sending stamps and philatelic literature to their clients. Edward Caesley tells their story.
Machin Watch February 2016
John Deering looks back at 2015's custom retail booklets, examines the Star Wars p.s.b. and gives a checklist of '15' year-coded Security Machins.
GB Specialised Supplement February 2016
The latest supplement to the GB Specialised Catalogue.
500 Years of Royal Mail February 2016
As Royal Mail celebrates its 500th anniversary, Jeff Dugdale provides a history of the organisation from its royal origins to a nationwide service for all.
Gravure Stamp Cylinders: Part 1 February 2016
In the first of a three-part article, Glenn Morgan reveals the history of gravure printing and offers a step-by-step explanation of its procedures.
The Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia 1938-39 February 2016
John Moody examines the overprints, cachets and propaganda covers produced in the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia following the infamous Munich Agreement of 1938.
The Nizam's Dominions February 2016
Hyderabad, otherwise known as the Dominions of the Nizam, was one of India's largest feudatory states. Christer Brunstrom talks us through its stamps issues from 1869 until postal duties were taken over by the Indian Post Office in 1950.
Stamp Hunting February 2016
Nimrod highlights some desirable stamps from Malaysia.
The Stamps of Hong Kong: The First Hundred Years February 2016
The stamps of Hong Kong have proved to be popular with collectors since they were first issued in 1862. As they are one of his favourite collecting areas, Hugh Jefferies is ideally placed to provide an overview.
A Fantasy Flight Around The World in Concorde February 2016
Inspired by Concorde's 1986 round-the-world flight, Babs Hawkins reimagines the journey as if taken in 1886. Join her as she flies around the globe taking in the best that the world had to offer the supersonic Victorian traveller.
Ukraine 1918-21 February 2016
In another superbly illustrated article, Edward Klempka discusses the issues of Ukraine from its independence in 1818 to its entry into the USSR in 1921.
The London Gang: Forgers and Fakers February 2016
The unscrupulous trade of creating fakes and forgeries has always been a part of philately, with some perpetrators even earning celebrity status. Michael Peach brings to light the shady behaviour of one such gang operating in 1880s London.
Stamp News in Brief February 2016
A summary of recent and forthcoming issues.
Shore to Shore February 2016
The latest issues from Britain's island beureaus including: bailiwick life on Guernsey, Jersey's SAR tribute and the new multinational issue from the Isle of Man.
Competition February 2016
Another chance to win a £50 Stanley Gibbons voucher.
Panorama February 2016
Alison Boyd investigates the stories behind some of the latest stamp issues from around the world.
The Unissued Stamps of King George VI February 2016
More fun from the Hedley Adams Mobbs collection.
Catalogue Column February 2016
Hugh Jefferies announces an important discovery from New Zealand and reveals new evidence surrounding the issue date of St Lucia's first George VI issue.
Catalogue Supplement February 2016
A 12-page update to the Stanley Gibbons Catalogue.


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