Customer Testimonials & Reviews

We are both very excited about and proud of what we offer you at Stanley Gibbons  - but our opinion needs to be balanced by those of others.  So here is what people have been saying about us:

"You really do provide an outstanding customer orientated service - you always go that extra mile and always exceed my expectations."

- Mr S. Hay, Barcelona


"Stanley Gibbons consistently provides products of the highest quality, with excellent service! It is always a pleasure to do business with Stanley Gibbons!"

- John E. Ranelletti, Ph.D. (a collector) on email to Abigail Reddin

"Thank you very much for all your assistance and good customer-care skills"

- G. van Zyl (customer)

"Stamps are art in miniature. They are also a reflection of the times and the place. Stamps are miniature ambassadors for a country."

- Douglas Muir, Curator of Philately at The BPMA

"Compliments for the excellent customer service I receive every time I require. It is one of Stanley Gibbons’ strengths."

- Marcello Pittau, Frankston, Australia

"Thank you for all the advice & time you spent with my mother & I today -I found it invaluable in showing me the various options I have with my inherited collection. I forsee many hours "stamping" in the future, mainly thanks to your inspiration today."

- Mrs S. Hayes, UK, following her meeting with Colin Avery to discuss an inherited collection

"[philately / stamp collecting is] An intriguing and fascinating way of learning about our world, its peoples and geography; not to mention the beauty and attention to detail that stamps, as miniature works of art, engender."

- Mr Gates, Surrey August 2010 (customer)

"Many thanks for the books and information. I value your assistance."

- V. Chill, Tennessee USA (customer)

"This is a small company with a big asset: its brand is imbued with an unblemished reputation for expertise and honest dealing."

- The Times (London) 8th April 2006

"I have now received your box of items for the children attending Hampex.  These are absolutely ideal for the goody bags and I am very grateful and overwhelmed by your generosity.  Thank you very much and please thank your colleagues at Stanley Gibbons."

- Paul Davidson, Hampshire Junior Stamp Clubs Coordinator