Mission Statement

To build on our heritage and expertise to create the world’s premier premium collectibles business, maintaining our adherence to quality and fair dealing whilst delivering exceptional shareholder value.

We aim to achieve this through the following:

  • The development of a global philatelic portal to become the dominant online community, forum and marketplace for stamp collectors worldwide
  • Continuing with our strategy of providing more dynamic pricing and editorial content, to maintain our position as the backbone of reference for all collectors.
  • To support the development of philately through the provision of knowledge, experience, and materials to both internal and external groups, trade bodies and organisations.
  • To expand our investment business into new markets, through the development of new products, culminating in the establishment of an international stamp fund.
  • To develop internal structures that allow for efficient dissemination of information across all business arms.
  • To expand our publications arm into new markets through the development of electronic collateral and other new products, identified through feedback from the philatelic market.
  • To improve our data handling processes across all business units to allow for better insight and more targeted cross promotional activity.
  • To build upon the current market awareness of rare stamps and autographs as a viable alternative asset through the promotion of our knowledge, expertise, price data and investment indices.

Stanley Gibbons continue to evolve from a trader to a trading provider to gain a greater percentage of the global sales and activities of collectors, dealers, auction houses and others related to the stamp market.

We are very confident that through the achievement of short terms goals and long-term aims we can gain a greater share of the global market and give outstanding returns to our shareholders.

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